Parliamentary Expenses

October 27, 2006

As a Parliamentary intern, you would not believe the amount of work and correspondence that goes into being a member of Parliament. Its a catch Twenty-Two. If Members of Parliament were not to respond to letters, or seen to be doing their jobs to the highest standards, they would be ridiculed and lynched by the public. But when they do, they get accused of spending too much on expenses. Perhaps if the press or those complaining about Parliamentary expenses were to spend a week in an M.P.’s office, they would quickly realise why the costs are so high. If its such a problem, lets have a dictatorship run the country. That would certainly cut expenses! But if you want Democracy, it comes with a cost!


Cameron’s Speech

October 4, 2006

What a fantastic speech by David Cameron at Conference! For the 1st time since voting for him, I was finally given the reassurance that I had made the right choice. Fresh, renewed and positive, the party is starting to look like the party I’ve always thought it could be. Yes there is still along way to go, and our policies are still in the making, but at least now we are pointed in the right direction, and taking the fight to Labour! Social responsibility, NHS not the EU, smaller government, border control, a liberal/conservative foreign policy that will stand up to the US when needed, the environment, pro civil partnerships, cutting red tape, promoting British business, promoting marriage and family values; ALL GREAT STUFF! Who would have thought it 5 years ago? We’re not there yet, but finally we are becoming an opposition. A Government in waiting? Lets wait and see. Onwards!

Americans & Weapons

October 3, 2006

I’ve just returned from Lunch with an American who’s working in the UK on an internship. Over the course of lunch, which in my case consisted of some dodgy soup and a red Thai Prawn sandwich (Very posh), some startling remarks were made! The discussion centred around the following; ‘Why aren’t you allowed to carry mace?’, and ‘Don’t you trust British people to carry firearms in order to defend themselves?’. You would have thought after yesterday’s incident in Amish country, the Yank wouldn’t be fighting this argument. However, she was and I must admit I found it all rather alarming. For the record, I wish to state why we Brits do not carry firearms, and why we don’t feel the need to carry mace. Firstly, we are a civil society who no longer live in a ‘state of nature’. We entrust our police to protect us, who themselves are unarmed. By introducing the right for citizens to bear arms, massacres which have occurred in the States would undoubtedly occur here. Why the need? If one person decides to bear arms, others will have no choice but to do the same. In essence, stepping outside unarmed means you are more vulnerable than ever before. This allows for the prospect of over 40 Million people out and about; and armed! Second. we are not always looking over our shoulders, terrified that the next person we see walking down the street is some homicidal manic; hell bent on doing us harm. Unlike the US of A, here in Britain we retain strong moral dignity, which dictates respect and toleration. Ultimately, we don’t go about our daily business constantly terrified of others. As a direct result, society and cohesion is able to flourish within the UK. In the US, it is not. That’s not to say we don’t have problems, but we’re not topping each other in record numbers! 1 – 0 to the Brits!

Blair’s Labour Farewell

October 2, 2006

Cringe Worthy, insulting and intolerable. These are the words that immediately spring to mind when I think of Blair’s performance. This is a man who has reneged on hundreds of manifesto pledges, taken us into an illegal war, and destroyed British foreign policy. Something that will take 2o years to repair. What about the following; First time housing, ID Cards, Tuition fee’s, Top-Up fee’s, cash for peerages, NHS deficits, privatisation throughout the public service, fox hunting, Lebanon, high taxation, government red tape, devolution (England?), pensions….. The list is endless. (Please feel free to add further suggestions) The sooner this man goes the better. Remember all that promise in 1997? What a failure. What successes the Labour party have achieved is small chips frankly. I certainly won’t miss him. History will show him for what he is. An arrogant sod who’s cheated his people. The sooner he packs up and hits the American speaking circuit, the better!